Phish – Crimes Of The Mind

For your listening pleasure, a new album, featuring Vermont’s Phish, hit the record stores not long ago. The catch: Phish is singing backup. The Dude of Life has taken center stage on this new, unique album. The same man who contributed lyrics to such Phish songs as “Dinner and a Movie,” “Fluffhead,” and “Sanity” stole the spotlight on his debut album. The songs have a twist. Upbeat with groovin’ guitars and horns, each song is uniquely mixed, and has a story to tell. With an odd, almost nasal voice, the Dude of Life sings his heart out on songs with a second meaning. For true Phish lovers, this album would be an adequate piece to add to your collection. The instruments are played as only Phish can play them, with “phorceful” riffs and rhythms. Overall, this album is a sweet collection of whimsical tales with a twist, to make the listener think important thoughts, while hearing great music

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