Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus by Phoenix

8 August 2019

So, Phoenix up until this point has been an indie band with a great alternative sound. Their lyrics are poetic to the point where you’ll take the time to ponder what some lines truly mean. But that is the past, Phoenix has arrived with their fourth studio album. In short, its great. Soft melodic vocals paired with an electric feeling, alternative style, prove Phoenix is heading in the right direction with this new album. While some Phoenix veterans may agree this is a completely new sound for the group, I disagree. You can notice how they’ve actually kept a lot of the vibe the same. Phoenix, in the past has had many instrumental songs that were never really fan-favorite songs but they never stopped appearing in their albums, almost like a signature of theirs, and surely enough, there’s an instrumental song on the album. But now to the sound, Phoenix used to have a mellow, quiet, vibe to them but now there’s an energetic, electric, yet still poetic feel.

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I urge you to go and listen to a few of the tracks. Even naysayers of their genre can agree that the songs certainly feature poetic brilliance.

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