Photographs and Memories by Jim Croce

Most people when they think of ‘70s music think disco or maybe some rock. This however does not describe Jim Corce at all. It isnt the upbeat party music with a good bass that is so common today. Photographs and Memories is all about the lyrics. It has great music by itself proven in the songs in the intros and endings. Certain songs on the album are slower than others, however the music still kept my interest throughout the whole album. Jim Croce paints a picture with each song and each word he sings. Every song tells a different story, each relatable in one way or another.

Jim Croce released 5 albums and 11 singles in his 7 year career. Photographs and Memories is a collection of his greatest hits. The album was released september 26, 1974, after Jim’s death in 1973. The collection contains 14 hits from the singer’s career. The album eventually reached number 2 on billboard’s top 200 and went platinum.

Listening to Corce’s music you hear the stories of people in different walks of life. Each song has a different meaning and creates different moods. The instruments add to the lyrics as you listen, setting the tone of the song. He brings in the the music slowly adding more and more instruments gradually getting louder through the song. Corce’s lets the instrumentals shine at places through the song along with places where he sings with only a guitar as his backup. The song “Bad, bad Leroy Brown” is a perfect example of this. It starts off with more of a jazzy feel, starting with only the piano, then lyrics, and finishes by adding more instruments through the song. The voice of Jim Corce shines in his music along with some great instrumentals on their own.

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