9 September 2016

Photosynthesis is a very beneficial process. It consists of products that are an good impact on different things like its impact on species. Plants are important in regards to everything living and everything period. One way I believe photosynthesis is most beneficial in its relation to species. All living things go through a process. Plants in particular are very important in regards of being a energy source to animals and whatnot. Anything that eats plants is turned into an energy source.

Plants may be the fuel to energize the animal so that another animal can eat that animal. Photosynthesis is part of the life cycle and that’s pretty beneficial. Along with that benefit is the production of medication being important benefaction. Much of the herbal medication and over the counter medication has traces or even entire parts of different plants in them. Plants provide as many things including a cure. Certain plants like mint and flaxseed are used in teas and vitamins to ensure energy, nutrients and protection against viruses .

Photosynthesis Essay Example

Another way photosynthesis is beneficial is in regards to its use with trees producing oxygen. The entire process of photosynthesis ends up producing oxygen and sugar (glucose). In case you didn’t know, any living animal or plant species on earth needs oxygen to survive . It’s the most important requirement along with food and energy . There are many benefits of photosynthesis and I believe those benefits are mighty important. Photosynthesis is one of those processes that is nothing but beneficial.

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