Physical and Chemical Properties

12 December 2016

The purpose of this lab is to distinguish if different substances react to heat or cold and if a solution is added to it during the experiment will it change the substance or leave it the same. Throughout the different tests each substance is put through a series of tests to determine if it changes in any way in regards to color, odor, or consistency from the start of the experiment.

Observations: I found it really interesting that there were not very many changes to the substance. I really thought that almost all of them would change or have some kind of with the addition of HCl. I was really surprised that most of the substances remained unchanged. The ones that did change happen instantly when another condition was added to the test tube. The HCl was the chemical that changed the substances the most is the main observation that I saw. Questions: A. Did you observe any chemical changes in this experiment?

Yes, there were chemical changes in this experiment with the substances except Cu; every other substance had some kind of effect from the test. B. What evidence did you use to decide that something was a chemical change? When the substance changed in any way that is how I decided that there was a chemical change happening, when it bubbled, changed color, or dissolved. C. Give at least two examples of chemical changes you observed. Two chemical changes that I witnessed are bubbling and change of color. D.

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