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7 July 2016

What can we do as a society to prevent bullying? Bullying is a widespread issue all over the United States that effects children, teens, and even adults. Bullying is very harmful to a person physically, mentally, and especially emotionally. Unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do ourselves, to keep bullying from happening. The laws against bullying are thin and only go so far, which means only stopping so much of bullying. There are three types of bullying that all produce negative effects, short term and long term.

These types of bullying are verbal, physical, and cyber bullying. Verbal and physical bullying involve saying mean things to the victim and personally putting a hand on them. Cyber bullying is different, this type of bullying is over the internet where the victim cannot see their bully. Surprisingly, cyberbullying is known to be the worst type of bullying. To prevent bullying as a whole, such actions need to be taken; stricter consequences, better policies, supervision, family education, and communication are necessary.

Physical Bullying Involve Essay Example

It is stated that in the USA, 1 out of every 7 students from grade k-12 has been a bully or has been bulled. Bullying is an ongoing problem and needs to be stopped as much as possible. More than 56% of students said that they have witnessed bullying. Shockingly, around 282,000 students become victimized of bullying each month. 90% of these victims have admitted that they have suffered negative side effects. Bullying at a young age has shown to be harmful, producing a major drop in grades, an increase of anxiety, and a loss of the victim’s social life.

Even worse effects include self-harm and suicide. Studies show that at least 50% of adolescent suicides are related to bullying. An article on bullyingfacts. info called “Alarming bullying statistics in the USA” explains that “the more alarming part of the recent bullying statistics is the growth of school bullying. ” This article also states that 77% of students are being bullied, and 23% of students who are in grade nine already carry a gun. Children shouldn’t have to stress themselves in school worrying about being bothered by other children, while trying to focus on academics.

Cyberbullying is said to be the newest form of bullying, and the victim is always left embarrassed or hurt by the harmful messages. In this bullying facts article, it states that 50% of teen have already been victims of cyberbullying and sadly only 1 in 10 teens report it to their parents. Cyberbullying is so hard to stop because it is easy to disguise yourself online, and most cases aren’t reported. Cyberbullying has recently been popular for causing teen suicides. How is bullying permanently harmful?

Not only is bullying harmful to a person mentally, emotionally, and physically, but the effects of bullying can follow a person for the rest of their life. A recently new study shows that serious illnesses, poor social relationships, and struggling to hold down a job often spring from the effects of being bullied in the past. This study was published in the Psychological Science journal of the Association for Psychological Science, and Scientists Dieter Wolke of the University of Warwick and William E. Copeland of Duke University Medical Center conducted this research. Dr.

Wolke claimed that “We cannot continue to dismiss bullying as a harmless, almost inevitable, part of growing up, we need to change this mindset and acknowledge this as a serious problem for both the individual and the country as a whole; the effects are long-lasting and significant. ”, explaining that if bullying is not prevented the victims whole lives can be affected. It is shown that bully victims are 6 times more likely to develop a smoking habit, become diagnosed with a serious illness, and get diagnosed with a psychiatric problem compared to a person not exposed to bullying.

Bully victims are also more likely to develop emotional issues, especially dealing with trust and vulnerability. Children don’t easily outgrow the effects of bullying, and therefore that weighs on the adults mental health later on in life. Another study, presented in 2010 at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, found that bullies were at higher risk of substance abuse, depression, anxiety and hostility than non-bullies. Thus explaining that the bad behavior of the bully evolves and gets worse.

Not only do we need to stop bullying to save the victims, but to save the bullies and anyone else involved in bullying too. What can we do to stop and prevent bullying from happening in the future? It’s evident that bullying still blatantly exists and is steady growing, especially in schools. A series of actions need to be taken in order to lower the bullying rate and prevent bullying altogether. School policies often enforce rules forbidding bullying, but often aren’t followed when a bullying incident occurs.

Principals, administrators, and teachers need to strictly enforce the rules stated in the no bullying policy to make sure the students in school abide by these rules and stop bullying. Mission statements, a code of conduct, rules, and a bullying reporting system has said to be needed to help the prevention for bullying. They all establish an environment where this act is not acceptable. Supervision is also very valuable to stopping bullying. Many teachers or administrators don’t take the time out to actually observe the students interactions with one another which gives the children the freedom to bully one another.

Being more observant in an environment where children and adolescence makes it easier to catch bullying and stop it. Engaging families and the communities can help prevent bullying by working together to send a unified message against bullying. Establishing a school safety committee is also important. Communication is always key, therefore it is always very important to talk to someone about bullying. Bullying cases should always be reported to teachers, administrators, and especially parents.

To widely prevent bullying, spreading the word is key, talking to children and adolescence about bullying can help them better understand the concept and know what to do when they witness it or become victimized by bullying. Children often seek advice from elders so it is important that we keep that line of communication open. From about 2nd grade to my 9th grade of high school I was a victim of bullying myself. Still to this day I from the way bullying has affected me mentally and emotionally. Depression, insecurities, and difficulties in my social relationships are only a few of the effects that I experienced from bullying.

Bullying may not seem like a big deal but its harmful and should be tackled before more innocent children and adolescence and victimized and traumatized. Taking action against bullying is a big step in order to stop this country wide issue. Creating rules, better supervision, educating the community, and communication are all things we can do as a community to start the prevention of bullying. No child should ever have to experience this painful, scarring experience. It’s time to make this the beginning of the end of bullying, let’s make a difference.

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