Physical Setting and Development of Themes and Characters

A discussion of the importance of the setting of a novel in order to fully develop the themes and characters of a novel.

This paper focuses on the importance of physical setting and shows how it can have a profound impact on the development of characters and themes. We need to understand that the actual setting of a story is as significant as the plot itself because it helps the characters grow and also helps in exploration of the chosen themes. In this connection, the paper sheds light on the physical setting of three books, namely “Paradise Lost”, Barbara Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible and Dante’s “Inferno”.
“It is important to understand that physical setting of any book plays a significant role in transformation of evolution of its characters and the development of its plot and themes. Though physical settings have always been considered important, their connection with the development of characters or themes has not been explored very often.

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Physical Setting and Development of Themes and Characters
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But if we delve deeper into some truly amazing pieces of literature, we would notice that setting has always been chosen appropriately to support the development of characters and movement of the plot. ”

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