1) What was Dillard’s goal in publishing this narrative in a national news magazine?

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In my opinion, Dillard’s goal by publishing this narrative was to shed light on the injustice in our world. The fact that Dillard had to hesitate before helping a dying man because he was scared he would lose his job, this is a problem in itself.

2) Does this narrative serve to contrast idealism and reality? How does Dillard’s oath conflict with his final decision?

Dillard story, sadly, doesn’t contrast reality in the slightest. This narrative depicts the sad truth of what could have happened to a man’s job in an attempt to save a life. Dillard took an oath after he graduated medical school to save peoples live. However, at the end of his narrative he comes to the decision that if he would be put in the situation again he would choose to drive away.

3) Does the fact that the victim was drinking have an impact on your reactions to the way the doctor acted? Does the doctor seem to show contempt for the victim?

In my opinion, the reason that the doctor paused at all was because he saw the empty beer bottles in the car, if not for that, perhaps, he wouldn’t have given a second thought. Dillard does not show contempt for his patient in the slightest, rather he seems a bit queasy from the smell of the alcohol.

4) Does this essay suggest that there is an undeclared war between doctors and lawyers? Do medical malpractice suits seem to improve or diminish the quality of medicine? Are lawyers to blame for the doctors decision to drive on?

This essay seems to hint towards an undeclared war between lawyers and doctors. If not for the imposing shadow that lawyers cast, we may have had some serious breakthroughs in the medical field. Lawyers are most definitely the reason for the doctor’s decision to drive on.

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