Physio Ex Chapter

1 January 2017

Axons are You correctly answered: d. long, thin structures that extend from a neuronal cell body. 2. Which of the following is easier? Your answer : b. intracellular recordings of the action potential Correct answer: a. extracellular recordings of the action potential 3. An action potential is usually initiated in an axon at or near Your answer : c. he trigger zone Correct answer: d. all of the above.

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The initiation of an action potential in a sensory neuron in the body normally Your answer : d. occurs in the dendrites. Correct answer: a. follows a sufficiently large depolarizing receptor potential. 05/04/12 page 1 Experiment Results You have not completed the Experiment. Experiment Data: 05/04/12 page 2 Post-lab Quiz Results You scored 100% by answering 3 out of 3 questions correctly.

The threshold voltage in an axon is usually You correctly answered: a. less negative than the resting membrane potential. . If a graded receptor potential made the resting membrane potential of the axon more negative (for example, -70 mV changes to -75 mV), you would expect You correctly answered: d. it to be more difficult for this axon to reach the threshold voltage. 3. Failure to reach the threshold voltage in the axon of a sensory neuron could be caused by You correctly answered: d. all of the above. 05/04/12 page 3 Review Sheet Results 1. Define the term threshold as it applies to an action potential. You did not answer this question.

What change in membrane potential (depolarization or hyperpolarization) triggers an action potential? You did not answer this question. 3. How did the action potential at R1 (or R2) change as you increased the stimulus voltage above the threshold voltage? How well did the results compare with your prediction? You did not answer this question. 4. An action potential is an “all-or-nothing” event. Explain what is meant by this phrase You did not answer this question. 5. What part of a neuron was investigated in this activity?

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