1 January 2018

At what pH was the amylase most active? Describe the significance of this result. PH 7. 0. Amylase is most active in neutral areas, such as the mouth and the small intestine (duodenum). 4. Briefly describe the need for controls and give an example used in this activity.

Controls are needed to validate the results of the experiment. One example is testing for sugar using Benedicts test on Amylase The negative control was used to detect if amylase was contaminated with maltose or not. 5. Describe the significance of using a ICC incubation temperature to test salivary amylase activity. ICC simulates an environment of normal body temperature. _ A Exploring Amylase Substrate Specificity 1. Describe why the results in tube 1 and tube 2 are the same.

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_Len tube #1 the amylase is hydroplaning the starch to glucose, & in tube #2 the glucose is already present in the hydroxide form. 2. Describe the result in tube 3. How well did the results compare with your prediction? _ Amylase cannot digest cellulose, so tube #3 is not positive for Benedicts test. 3. Describe the usual substrate for peptidase. _A protein (BANANA in this experiment).

4. Explain how bacteria can aid in digestion.Bacteria can aid in digestion by breaking down cellulose with the enzyme cellulose, humans do not produce this enzyme. _Actuality Assessing Pepsin Digestion of Protein 1 . Describe the effect that boiling had on pepsin and how you could tell that it had that effect. _Boiling denatured the enzyme. You can tell because the protein was not digested in tube #1 .

There was no color change & a density of O. 2. Was your prediction correct about the optimal pH for pepsin activity? Discuss the physiological correlation behind your results. _Yes. The optimum pH matches the pH secreted by gastric glands.Gastric Juice is also close to pH 2. 3.

What do you think would happen if you reduced the incubation time to 30 minutes for tube 5? _ This would reduce digestion in tube 5. _ A CT I VI TTY 4 Assessing Lipase Digestion of Fat 1. Explain why you can’t fully test the lipase activity in tube 5. _Measurement of lipase activity uses a decrease in PH. Because the pH in Tube #5 is already very low, it is hard to tell if fatty acids are released. 2. Which tube had the highest lipase activity? How well did the results compare with your prediction? Discuss possible reasons why it may or may not have matched.

Test tube #1 should have the highest activity because the pH is closest to that of the small intestine. 3. Explain why pancreatic lipase would be active in both the mouth and the intestine. _Pancreatic lipase is most active at pH 7. 0 The pH of the mouth is 7. 0 ; the pH of the small intestine is close to 8. 0 so the enzyme would function in both places.

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