Piano Concert

5 May 2017

Piano Concert BY mike8809 Michael 10-14-08 Piano concert-10,’7/08 The only performer, performing this evening was an aspiring pianist named Judy Huang. The performer had a charismatic personality, with a little bit of an accent. She gladly welcomed us and opened her recital by introducing herself. The event occurred in the Art Building, C-104 at approximately 5:00 P. M. on Tuesday of October 07, 2008. She humbly dedicated and donated her time to share her piano skills.

She roudly opened her recital by presenting how honored she was to be able to perform for college students that had appreciation for the art of music. She played some fast pace and slow moving melodic classical music with accuracy and perfection. Some of the classical songs she played includes: Sonata in F Major, Op. 10, No. 2 (First mvt)- L. V. Beethoven, Carnaval, Berceuse, Op. 57-F. chopin, Etudes, Op. 10, No. l F. Chopin, and Op. 9-R. Schumann.

Piano Concert Essay Example

After each song, Judy explained what majors were sed, and what type of classical music the song can be classified. The audience’s applause held until each song was successfully recited; then was followed by a gentle bow. She willingly offered to answer questions that any of us might have. Judy succeeded amazingly at the throughout her performance. All the songs she played not only hit Just a perfect key note, but also a strong sense of confidence. I can almost feel her character reflected off of her precision in each tune.

The song she layed sounded like a story, which appealed to all my senses. During the performance, I felt really relaxed, and mellow. It was what I really needed from a long day. The songs she played were like a soothing lullaby to a baby’s ear. Her techniques were really astonishing to my amusement. It captivated my attention throughout the whole show. I honestly do not like that type of music, but Just to see it and hear it live was a good experience for me. I have learned to appreciate other types of music a little more.

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