Pierre Elliott Trudeau – Canada’s 15th Prime Minister

1 January 2018

PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAUPierre Elliott was a 15thprime minister of Canada (1968–1979 and 1980–1984). He is the third longest serving Canadian prime minister in history. From 1961 to 1965 he was an assistant professor of law at the Montreal university in Canada. In 1960, Pierre Elliott Trudeau joining federal politic by the liberal part of Canada. In 1967 he toured the French-speaking African nations on behalf of the prime minister, Lester b Pearson, appointed him parliamentary secretary (1966) and minister of justice.

His good identity and nonchalance of superfluous custom joined with his energetic thoughts, made him the most popular of the 20 candidates. On 6 April 1968, he. become a party leader after two weeks he became a prime minister of Canada.EARLY LIFETrudeau was born in the rich family, the son of a French businessman. Educated at Montreal University of Canada and London school of economics. After that he his return Quebec in 1949. trudeau support the union in the asbestos strike.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau – Canada’s 15th Prime Minister Essay Example

in 1956 he edits a book on asbestos strike. In this book, he contributed in introduction and conclusion and the provinces social, political and economic values. In 1950-51, he was working in Ottawa as an adviser in the privy council office.TRUDEAU AND FEDERALISMAfter the liberal victory of the provincial election in 1960, the quiet revolution fulfilled some of Trudeau’s hopes for change. At the same time, it revealed a deep rift between Trudeau and many of his former colleagues who were moving toward the idea of an independent Québec. As a law person teaching at the University of Montreal in the 1960s, Pierre Trudeau became a sharp critic of contemporary Quebec nationalism and argued for a Canadian federalism in which mean English and French Canada both have an equal right.CANADIAN MULTICULTURALISM POLICYIn 1971, Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau announced multiculturalism as a government policy in the house of commons.

Multiculturalism policy provides freedom of all individuals recognition of the cultural contributions of diverse ethnic groups to Canadian society. Multiculturalism supports the use of languages in Canada English and French. This concept was again knowledge in 1982 the charter of right and freedom. On 21 July 1988 Canada government passed the Canadian multiculturalism act. Which mean government commitment to promote equal participation of individuals and comminutes of all origin in the continuous evolution in Canadian society.CULTURE LEGACYIn end years Pierre Trudeau ensured each the national gallery of Canada and the Canadian museum civilization had homes in the country capital. Government also enforced programs which mandated for the entertainment industry as well as the develop the Canadian media, culture and other many different industries.

In 1970, secretary of state in the Canadian government introduced a policy of democratization and decentralization designed to reply to the divergent regional realities of Canada.

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