Pink – Can&#39t Take Me Home

8 August 2019

With her strong sense of self, gripping lyrics and one ofthe best producers in the music business, it seems that Pink has a winning albumon her hands.

Pink is a native of Philadelphia, where she was aregular at many clubs. At 14, she first sang backup in a friend’s rap group andthen with a short-lived group, Basic Instinct. When they broke up, Pink joined agroup called Choice. Choice was signed to LaFace records, but didn’t staytogether long enough to record an album. Pink’s association with LaFace recordsproved successful, though, and she recorded her debut album “Can’t Take MeHome” with them.

This CD has such incredibly profound lyrics you cantell at once the artist put her own personality in each song. In “MostGirls,” Pink sings about looking for someone to fall in love with.”There You Go” is about breaking up with a boyfriend.

With theartist’s great lyrics and attitude to match, this CD is unbelievable. Any girlcan relate to Pink’s lyrics and style of music. This CD has love songs andbroken-heart songs. It is the perfect blend of attitude and feeling. Pink emits asort of power to women everywhere. I recommend “Can’t Take Me Home” toany woman who feels strongly about her emotions.

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