Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon

8 August 2019

After Christmas I had a gift certificate for thelocal CD shop so I decided to bike down one day and find a CD. I didn’tknow exactly what I wanted but had a few in mind. One that I wasthinking about was Pink Floyd. I had never heard the band or knew any oftheir songs, but I had seen enough Pink Floyd shirts at our school toknow the band must be good. As I walked into the store and started tolook around at the CDs, a familiar cover caught my eye. It was thepyramid prism with white light being reflected into its separate colors,the same picture so many of my schoolmates wore to show their love ofPink Floyd. I decided to buy the CD, “Dark Side of The Moon,”and am definitely happy with my decision. The first time I listened tothe CD, it really took me aback. I had never heard anything quite likeit. I can’t really explain what type of music it is; it seems to coverall the genres with some classic rock, ska, techno, and even opera. Thewords are written with meaning and cool rhymes, and the guitar isexcellent. I know this is definitely not the last Floyd I buy. If youare looking to buy a CD, I would definitely consider “Dark Side ofThe Moon.”

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