Piracy in Film & Music

4 April 2015
Theft of copyrighted entertainment material. Looks at methods, bootlegging, copyright history, limitations, fair use & parody, court decisions, international issues, GATT and case study of China’s infringements.

Piracy, Bootlegging, and the Entertainment Industry
This paper will discuss the issue of piracy in the entertainment industry. The focus of this paper will be upon the international aspects of this problem. The first part of the paper will examine the various types of piracy in the film and music industries. The second part of the paper will discuss the protection of copyright under United States law. This section of the paper will include a discussion of the fair use exception with regard to parody. The third part of the paper will look at the international aspects of the piracy problem. This section will discuss the international agreements which have been drafted and signed in response to the problem. The last part of the paper will look at the situation in China as an illustration of the continuing problem. This section will examine Chinese law concern..

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