Pisces Iscariot

For most people, the Smashing Pumpkins is either a band you love or hate. I worship this Chicago-based band. With their newest and quite possibly their best album, “pisces iscariot,” the popularity of the Smashing Pumpkins has soared to new heights. Although the majority of songs on this CD were released previously in the United Kingdom, many are new to the United States. Perhaps the reason for such popularity is the Smashing Pumpkins’ completely original style. Billy Corgan, the lead singer/songwriter, has great musical talent and the ability to redo old hits by classic groups like Fleetwood Mac. “Landslide,” written by Stevie Nicks, was recorded at the BBC. In my opinion, this was a great song when performed by Fleetwood Mac, but is tremendously improved when sung by Billy. One of the greatest qualities of the Smashing Pumpkins is their ability to combine light and heavy tunes. This is extremely evident on “pisces iscariot” which includes tracks like “Soothe” and “Frail and Bedazzled.” If you have ever considered buying any of the Pumpkins’ previous albums (“Siamese Dream” or “Gish”) put “pisces iscariot” right at the top of your list. Anyone who is a true Smashing Pumpkins fan will definitely love this CD

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