Pit Bulls

1 January 2017

Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” (King, 1963). As members of the millennial generation, we are taught that it is unacceptable to judge people by the way one looks, dresses, or talks. So why is it excusable for you to judge my four-legged companion based on the way she looks, the way she is built, or the way her bark sounds?

As an owner of an American pit bull terrier, I witness first hand how the pit bull is discriminated against on a daily basis. C. Audience Relation How many of you enjoy being categorized by the way you look? Just as we, as people, are evaluated, all animals need to be evaluated by its own qualities, not their appearance. D. Central Idea Today, I would like to take the time to refute the falsely made claims that have been made against the pit bull breed and provide you with some information and instances that will hopefully shed some light on their true character.

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We will be discussing the decline of the pit bull, the biggest pit bull fallacy, and the role the media has played in tainting the breed. Transition: Let’s begin by discussing the decline of the American pit bull terrier. II. MAIN IDEA #1: The American pit bull terrier was once the most popular dog in the beginning of the 20th century, so what exactly went wrong? How did this breed become so misunderstood? A. Far from being deemed a “killing machine” on four legs, pit bulls were once THE American favorite during the early half of the century. 1. During WW1, pit ulls were even pictured on recruitment posters and many pit bulls went on to become famous in the American military.

The pit bull was the face of patriotism and was chosen to represent America. Stubby was a pit bull terrier mix that served during WW1 and holds the honor of being the most decorated war dog in US history. B. It was in the 1980s when the perception of the pit bull was smeared. 1. Regardless of being illegal in all fifty states, dog fighting made a comeback and the pit bull was the dog of choice. 2. They were also the preferred “guard dog” for big time drug dealers and gangs.

But why does this irresponsibility fall on the breed? Humans have bestowed this demeanor upon them, yet the dogs are the ones receiving the repercussions. 1. The pit bull is well known for its loyalty and desire to please. They continually strive to exceed expectations that are set for them, which is one of the biggest reasons they are preferred as a fighting dog; they will not give up. They will fight for the attention and praise of their owner. 2. Pit bulls are loving, tender, faithful, and they are protective over the families they belong to.

We, as owners and pet lovers, need to take the steps to ensure the image of this breed is restored; We need to speak up for the underdog. Transition: Contrary to popular belief, the pit bull is not born with the mentality that fighting is the spice of life. MAIN IDEA #2: One of the biggest preconceived notions about the pit bull is that they are the most dangerous dogs in the world that run around wild-eyed and blood thirsty. They have been improperly labeled as vicious creatures that are incapable of love and trust.

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