Places and Forms of Power

12 December 2017

I will talk in this part of the notion: “Places and forms of Power.

We studied in class the Commonwealth of Nations and talk about her Majesty the Queen of England as a leading thread for this notion. Also to make It differently I have chosen to take as example the Media. They are called the 4th power and Internet Is called the 5th power. Since many years the media did not stop to evolve. In fact, from paper distributed In the street or In metro, to screen, nowadays people (especially young people) are getting their news from Internet.As a consequence a lot of papers closed down. The main question is: Do Medias nowadays are a vice or a virtue? Let’s talk in the first place of the negative aspects of the media, then in the second place I will talk about the positive aspect.

In many countries Medias are still manipulated, giving falsified information, thus influencing your advice. Moreover Medias are a good way to inform you but you don’t eave to count on them to give you a cut-and-dried opinion.You have to develop your critical mind stepping back from what Is It said. The Medal can be very dangerous. It can destroy someone’s life or distort the truth to make audiences or sell tabloids. However Medals have positive aspects too. I read an article on the Boston bombings.

Thanks to Medals we know that people were saved. Medias played a critical role to inform the situation immediately after a disaster. As e talked about in the previous part, Jeff Banyan saved by C.Redound in the Boston bombings received over $360. 000 in donations, thanks to the Media, to help pay the medical expenses. To conclude, nowadays Medias can be very dangerous and it is necessary to be careful on what they say. By the way it is very important to be well informed.

We could say the media did not stop to evolve over the time Like our society. We could also link this evolution to another notion: ‘The Idea of progress”.

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