Plagiarism Essay

9 September 2016

Plagiarism is when a person uses another personโ€™s work, words, or ideas as if they were using their own. When a person plagiarizes they can simply use a few lines from another personโ€™s creation or just a few quotes without citing a reference. Plagiarism can be as simple as that or more detailed as when someone uses an entire composition and passes it off as his/her own. However when a person plagiarizes they are doing great harm to themselves.

Plagiarism comes with consequences that are often severe. Sometimes it is difficult to detect when one plagiarizes. If only a line or two is copied then the person who is examining the work would probably have to be well versed on the topic at hand. Other times the person using the quotes is doing so without knowledge of what he/she is doing. Real cases of plagiarism maybe easier to detect because sometimes a student may use the complete work of a previous student to avoid the difficulties of the assignment.

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There are often times that authors who have written on the same topic. To make sure that you are not guilty of this crime make sure to due your own research, use quotes, and cite references when one needs to relay important facts you from someone who is scholar on the subject. Someone caught plagiarizing will have a hard time denying the fact when it is proven. A few different things can happen. If you are a student in high school you may get an automatic failure or worse yet a short suspension from your school.

A college student could face more serious punishment by being expelled from the college or university they attend. In the professional world plagiarism can lead to terrible press or even loss of a job. Plagiarism is something to avoid when you are given an assignment. By researching and writing your own document you will avoid the harsh repercussions of plagiarism and you might even learn some wonderful things. Bibliography: Name of site: PlagiarismdotORG Website: http://www. plagiarism. org/index. html Author: Plagiarism. org Year Published (copyright): 2012

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