Planned Parenthood – Argumentative

1 January 2017

Recently, the federal government is trying to pass the Pence Amendment, which would eliminate funding to these institutions. The federal government needs to realize how important Planned Parenthood Clinics are too numerous individuals and the struggles that such people will face if the organization is demolished due to extreme lack of funding. Without these clinics, many individuals will be left stranded, and most likely, susceptible to declined health, due to the loss of early screenings and treatments that will no longer be available to them at a rate they can manage financially.

Planned Parenthood is a predominantly government funded establishment that provides free or heavily discounted medical education, prescriptions, and procedures in regards to sexual diseases and pregnancies to all who inquire. If the organization is not funded, it is taken from predominately low socioeconomic households and minors. As stated in Teague’s article, “…75 percent of people who use Planned Parenthoods’ services are at or below the poverty level” (5), and the few with money are using the government funded crowded establishment Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood – Argumentative Essay Example

This is one of the reasons that cuts would be so devastating. As reported by National Right to Life News, “legislators were three times more responsible to high-income constituents than middle-income constituents and were the least responsive to the needs of low-income constituents” (fairvote 5). This is another case where it will be the poor that will endure the hardship. It is much easier to cancel a free service when those without money, ergo power, are the main people who will suffer. In addition to taking away the availability of health provisions, this mendment will be taking away millions of jobs nationwide. Within each of these clinics are multiple employees ranging from customer service attendants to doctors. There are more than 880 health centers nationwide and several administrative offices across the country (Planned Parenthood 2). Are not we supposed to be focusing on making jobs available within our nation? Taking away countless jobs will damage this nation instead of benefit it. It will cause more suffering, which is what Planned Parenthood is trying to eliminate.

The eliminating of funds to clinics will cause many to go without preventative care such as contraception. If people no longer have access to birth control, the population rate will continue to rise. When the government takes away funding, and therefore, birth control, unplanned births will happen and with that additional fees that the government will have to cough up. Sure, you save money up front when defunding Planned Parenthood but in the long run you are causing a bigger problem. As Groff states, “Family planning is a regular part of women’s health, every $1 spent on family planning saves $4.

It is fiscally responsible” (1). With unwanted pregnancies, come unwanted children or children for whom we are not prepared for which go into foster care as well as becoming wards of the state which is directly paid for by the government or families dependent on other government subsidies. Overall, the government will be creating a bigger problem instead of embracing the benefits Planned Parenthood clinics provide to individuals everywhere. Although Planned Parenthood is mostly associated with abortion services that is not what they promote or advertise.

For years, they have been all about educating the youth on the risks of participating in sexual activities as well as providing many different kinds of preventative care. Education is extremely important and valued in this country. Taking away funding to an institution that promotes and instills protection and planning is not going to help our youth become well and more aware individuals. It is the educational materials such as pamphlets, magazines, and medical journals, as well as the educated staff that the clinics provide, in which are exceedingly important in keeping our citizens safe.

When funding goes away, those important services and amenities go away but the actual sexual activities do not. This leaves us in a much more risky environment with fewer resources. In addition to the clinics providing education they go further and provide counseling for all aspects of topics. An individual can rest assured knowing there is always someone they can talk to and confide in when they don’t know where else to turn. Also, the counselors provide a release for those individuals that have suffered abuse and need assistance.

With all these valuable services, it is not clear why our government would do anything to hinder this organization when it is obviously helping so many people every day. It makes you wonder what could be of greater importance than all of this that would lead supporters to banning this great organization. Supporters of the bill that would banish funding for Planned Parenthood are guided by their beliefs that the organization generates activities of sin and creates sinners.

They are motivated by their religious views that abortion is an unforgivable sin and those that partake in or make abortions accessible are sinners. They are attacking Planned Parenthood because it is the main provider of abortions every year. According to B. A. Robinson, there has been “over $13 million in damage caused by violent anti-abortion groups since 1982, in over 150 arson attacks, bombings, and shootings” (4). While they are correct in this fact, they are not taking in all that Planned Parenthood is.

While they focus on the abortion services the clinics provide, they ignore the many incredible things they offer aside from abortions. They don’t realize that by taking away Planned Parenthoods funding, they are also taking away the preventative measures they provide in order to try and eliminate the need for abortions. The benefits of Planned Parenthood deserve the federal funding that is given to them. The amount of lives that are positively affected not only outweighs the financial drain of the organization, but should be what federal money goes towards if it goes towards anything that helps people.

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