Planning and Strategy Formulation

1 January 2017

Planning and strategy formulation are critical for an organisation to set up goals and accomplish it. It is crucial in order to perform better in market and environment better than its competitors. This section will include Qantas’ aim and main goal, vision, mission, and values, and current actions. Aim and Main goal Qantas’ aim is to meet the highest standards of safety, service, citizenship, and environment responsibility.

The CEO of Qantas, Allen Joice, states that Qantas Groups continually renews its fleet, creating low operating cost, fuel efficiency, and releasing new planes to improve passengers’ comfort. The goal of Qantas is to deliver great place to work, provide training and development for their people and harness their passion. Qantas used Cost Leadership Strategy to responds the changing market conditions by creating Jetstar, the lower fare airline. Cost Leadership Strategy is an effort of organisations to operate more efficient to minimise the cost.

Planning and Strategy Formulation Essay Example

Vision, Mission, and Values The vision of Qantas is to operate each airline the best in their class, the world’s best premium airline, Qantas, and the world’s best low fares carriers, Jestars. This organisation is focused on safety first, right aircraft right routes, customer service excellence, operational efficiency, and two strong complementary brands. The Qantas’ short-term mission is improving environmental performances such as reduction of fuel, water, electricity, and waste, and the new technology, Next Generation Check-in, that involve Operational Plan.

Operational Plan is a short-term objective in order to progress the goals. It is include: – Production plan ( involves machine, tech, and methods – Financial plan ( money required – Facilities plan ( facilities and work layout – Marketing plan ( requirement selling and distribution – Human Resource plan ( recruitment, selection and placement of people/ employee. The famous value of Qantas is about safety issues. Qantas has invest $1. 4 billion each year in engineering and maintenance to ensure that highest standards of operational safety and performances.

In 2009, Qantas Management System was covering safety, health, management and security performances. Based on Qantas’ Annual Review 2010, the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate has reduced from 31. 7 (2001/2002) to 4. 3 (2009/2010). Current Action The domestic flying with Next Generation Check-in, which take in advance seat selections, online and mobile check-in, automatic check-in, Kiosks, and Kiosks service point. The Next Generation Check-in is an action taking from listening to customer about the long queues and big hassle.

As a result, Qantas is releases the ease and fast ways to check in through Next Generation Check-in. Qantas’ first priority, Safety First, is one of the organisation current actions. Major problem of an aircraft is natural disaster. The current eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland on 15 April 2010 had an unprecedented impact on airlines around the world. At that time, Qantas has shut down the European service for six days and impacting over 15,000 customers.

Qantas has experience in planning and operating services safely in areas of known volcanic activity to monitoring the level ash concentration and related airspace restriction. Qantas’ predictions and awareness of natural disaster has shown a reflection of scenario planning. Scenario Planning is an action taken to predict future and making plans to deal with it. The starting points of Scenario Planning are: – Organising: allocating and arranging resources for the key tasks – Leading: guiding staffs to accomplish given tasks Controlling: monitoring and assessing tasks.

The benefit of Scenario Planning is to improve focus and flexibility. Through Scenario Planning, the organisation with focus knows the best need of their customers and how to serve them well. By Qantas, to improve the domestic check-in process, Qantas already know what best for their customers. On the other hand, organisation with flexibility is willing and able to change and adapt to shifting and operates with an orientation to future. Qantas has changes the process of check-in on the domestic flying.

The changes will includes more training and adaptation in order to accomplish their goal to serve with fast and easy domestic check-in. Another advantage of Scenario Planning is to place organisation is state of Readiness, which making the organisation more: – Results – oriented ( creating performances – Priority – oriented ( to get the first attention; the most important – Advantage – oriented ( ensuring that all resources for the best all advantage – Change – oriented ( anticipating problems and opportunity so the organisation can deal in best way

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