Planning for Leadership During a Merger Event

A discussion of the importance of planning for the leadership needs of an organization before a merger or acquisition.

This paper addresses the importance of assessing leadership needs of an organization when planning for a merger or acquisition. The psychological need of employees for strong leadership at this time, the change of direction for the organization and strategic vision are among the areas explored.
“A merger or acquisition is a major event for an organization and one that causes a significant amount of stress for employees and for the organization. At this time, it becomes especially important to address the leadership needs of the organization and ensure that effective leadership is provided that keeps both individual and organizational performance on track.
The first aspect to consider is the needs of employees and especially why employees require strong leadership during a merger. Milward offers information on one of the most important reasons why mergers are stressful, which is that the culture of an organization changes.

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Planning for Leadership During a Merger Event
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As Milward says, “culture represents people’s collective attempts to bring order and predictability to daily organizational life. Culture gives people a sense of belonging, a sense of direction and a sense of meaningful contribution in pursuit of a cause. (Milward, A. (2002). When Cultures Collide. Human Synergistics Internation

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