Planning – Sandwich Blitz

10 October 2016

According to Bateman & Snell “Typical strategic goals include growing, increasing market share, improving profitability” (2010, Page 77), which means that Dalman and Lei need to set a long term goals and achieve them for example if they would like to expand they need to set their expansion based on meeting a certain percent of their profit after 4 years of achieving this profit or higher.

Implement annual training for their middle management to improve their managerial performances and productivity that includes but not limited to budgeting, decision making, profits, staff turnover… etc. Introduce and implement a key performance indicator in the company to review the performance of the middle management, and the rest of the staff to know the strength and weaknesses and work on it. Tactical Planning: “Tactical plans focus on the major actions a unit must take to fulfill its part of the strategic plan” (Bateman and Snell, 2010, Page, 78) Location managers need to develop a sales and marketing plan that can help the business for the next 3 years and pitch it to top management for approval to help increase the profits based on their locations, targeting audience.

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Also they need to implement training for their team supervisors that includes customer service and up selling their products and promoting them, location managers can also set bonuses for their team supervisors if they achieve their sales target.

Location managers need to deal with their budgets and meet them by developing an annual budget. – Operational Planning: Team supervisors need to introduce new products and new methods of selling these products but at the same time maintaining the food consistency in their shops, keep track of daily issues such as refunds and replacements any other issues with customer care to help them improve. Also hire more staff or cut down the overhead when needed, train the staff on dealing with customer service.

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