Plants & Electricity

4 April 2015
Negative effects of electrical fields on plant development & growth. Dicussing root elongation, electrotropism, flowering and more.

Recently there has been considerable public concern and scientific interest over the hazards associated with exposure of plants to extremely low frequency electrical fields (60-Hz), particularly those related to high voltage electric transmission lines. Using specific examples, this paper discusses the detrimental impact of such electric field on various aspects of plant development and growth including root elongation and electrotropism, phloem transport efficiency, species susceptibility and flowering rhythms.

Plants & Electricity Essay Example

Each plant cell consists of a highly conductive cytoplasmic core surrounded by a thin insulating plasma membrane which is in turn surrounded by a porous – but rigid – cell wall. The insulating plasma membrane plays a prominent role in the electrochemical balance between the cell cytoplasm and the..

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