Plastic Bag

2 February 2017

Current plastic bag use and disposal, both by consumers and through waste management activities, not only create environmental problems, but also reinforce the perception of a wasteful society. Plastic bags as litter create a visual pollution problem, and affect our aquatic wildlife. Many of the grocery store use the plastic bags as a tool to keep the things easy to carrying. Plastic bags aren’t just at the grocery store, there every where, landfills, the oceans and lakes, hanging on trees around our neighborhoods and suffocating wildlife. As a human being, I’m agree that plastic bags should be banned permanently.This is because plastic bags are not biodegradable, so where ever people leave them, they will stay, forever.

It shows that the plastic bags didn’t bring any benefits to environmental but we use the natural resources not to a right ways. Meanwhile, Planet Ark, an international environmental group, estimates that, worldwide, 100,000 whales, seals, turtles and other marine animals are killed by plastic bags each year. Although banning plastic bags in retail stores might be a good idea, because of the damage they cause on our ecosystem, are Polypropylene bags really the best substitute seeing how they are just another type of plastic?In the state of California some cities such as, San Diego and San Francisco are already voting to ban the use of plastic bags in retail stores. We are also seeing this as far east as Washington D. C. charging 5 cents for each disposable bag. The uses of plastic bags have been banned in the outer banks.

Plastic Bag Essay Example

This is a controversial topic among our nation and even the world. Australia has already started to make a difference in their country by banning plastic bags in certain counties. I personally own re-usable bags to go shopping with and I do not use plastic bags from retail stores.In fact I even keep a cloth carrying bag in my trunk, so if I decide to go the farmers market or the bakery to get bread; I can use my bag that can be washed and reused. I support the decision to ban the use of plastic bag usage in retail stores in INDIA and around the world. Many solutions exist to reduce the negative externalities of plastic bags. The three main solutions available are taxations on plastic bags, bans on plastic bags and subsidies to improve methane capture technologies.

With this the Plastic bag consumption falls.

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