Plastic surgery

8 August 2016

Plastic surgery is common things among people nowadays. The cost incurred to do the surgery also not too expensive. Mostly we heard female are desired to do the plastic surgery but now men`s also desired to do the same thing. There are the reasons why people choose to have plastic surgery and the several risks involved. The first reason why people choose to have plastic surgery is low of self-confident. As we know, have many factors why people feel like that such as their body appearance, ugly faces, and so on. Even though they always do exercise and try to cut their eating, their bodies still same and not have any improvement.

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As Van Dusen (2008) pointed out in her introduction, they do not think they look as good as they feel before do plastic surgeon. Other than that, the reasons why people choose to have plastic surgery are to improve their looks appearances. Of course, for those people who are fat, will hope to be slim further on to easy build their level of self-confident. According to Van Dusen (2008), ‘spare tire’ are involves in the typical male demand. Furthermore, some other people choose plastic surgery because of want to be like their idol celebrities.

Meanwhile, the first risk may occur to those who are choose to have plastic surgery is temporary numbness. As we can see, people who had doing the surgery was effects on their face are become too stretched. For instance, when their smile or laughing the skin in their face was became stretch. Some other people opinion said it is beautiful but others said it is so funny and like robots face. Marcus (2008) stated that the numbness happened common after breast surgeries and it is rarely permanent. The other risk is death. The probability to death happens because people are very careless when chose the place to do plastic surgery.

The first thing to make sure is the place; make sure the clinic have the certificate or qualification from government. In addition, Marcus (2008) mentioned that patient are possibility become coma for up to several years if imitation Botox not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the conclusion, plastic surgery can give either advantage or disadvantage to people are choose this alternative to change their appearance looks immediately. If they still chose this way, they must get ready to face the risks will involve in the future.

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