Playback Video Rental System Essay Sample

10 October 2017

A. Statement of the Problem
Our thesis is all about rental system for picture. Our client is the store named playback picture lease. we spoke to mr. Archie Arcangel who is the proprietor of the store itself. We found out that their chief job was monthly checking of stock list and gross revenues because of their current stock list system. which they carry oning it manually. B. Definition of Term

* Inventory – A company’s ware. natural stuffs. and finished and unfinished merchandises which have non yet been sold. These are considered liquid assets. since they can be converted into hard currency rather easy. There are assorted agencies of valuing these assets. but to be conservative the lowest value is normally used in fiscal statements. * Gross saless – Entire dollar sum collected for goods and services provided. * Manual – Controlled or manipulated by a human operator ( non automatically. such as by a computing machine ) or powered by homo or animate being musculus power ( non by an inanimate beginning of power such as an electric motor. gas engine. or canvas ) . * Computerized – To come in. procedure. or shop ( information ) in a computing machine or system of computing machines.

C. Theoritical Framework
* This proposal consists of a DSS undertaking in video rental industry. The undertaking will assist the picture shop to do their concern more efficient in footings of gross revenues. The chief job in picture shops is that they do non hold adequate transcripts of certain films ( largely new releases ) . This DSS undertaking will turn to this job and it will gauge the figure of transcripts of a certain film that a picture shop demands by sing theatre gross revenues. evaluations. reappraisals and current history holders. The user of this system will be the director of the picture shop. By utilizing this system. the director will be able to modify the picture shop in a best manner that entreaties to the clients. When the clients enter to the shop. they will be able to happen the release they want much easier and much quicker.

With the aid of the DSS. the shop will non run out of transcripts and will be able to fulfill more clients. The system will necessitate to entree 2 types of informations. They are. the database of the members and film statistics. By accessing the database of members. the system will be able to find the film genres that the clients prefer the most and do them most accessible to the client. Movie statistics will play a large function in finding the right sum of transcripts in a specific film rubric to buy. By implementing this system. the picture shop will hold a competitory advantage over other picture shops in the country and a greater overall productiveness in footings of gross revenues. In the long tally. this undertaking will beef up the plus turnover in the picture shop and assist the picture shop to do more net income.

D. Methodology
“the survey or description of methods”
* Collecting method
* Application method
* Classifying method

E. Respondents
* Improvement in look intoing stock list system
F. Questionaire
G. Review of related literature
H. Scope of restriction
I. Significance of the survey

II. Body

A. Background of the survey
* Playback Video Rental was the fist store owned by Mr. Archie Arcangel.

B. Benefits
C. Recommendation
* No farther recommendations yet.

D. Technical facets
III. Decision
A. Reasoning statement
B. Analytical sum-up

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