Playlist: Kenny Loggins: The Rock 'N' Roll Years, 1979-1988 by Kenny loggins

Kenny loggins was a very popular artist back in the 1980s and he has made very memorable songs. In his album Playlist: Kenny Loggins: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Years, 1979-1988, he starts off with his preppy song Don’t fight it and it really sets the mood for the rest of his album. Next he does the theme song from Caddyshack I’m alright which is a feel good song about letting yourself go and telling people that he feels great and let him be. I’m alright hit the top tens in 1980 and still is a classic song today. Next in the album he plays a hit single from the movie Top Gun Danger Zone. This song was the song of the decade and made people remember Top Gun and just was a major hit. After that he goes onto the theme song from Footloose Footloose. This one makes you wanna dance all night long and makes you get the disco fever. Then after a few good hits comes Playing with the Boys which is a great song from Top Gun. This song is great and gets you feeling the music. The rest of the album is really good and includes tracks from Top Gun, Footloose, and Over the top. This album surely deserved to be in the top tens for its time.

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