+ (Plus) by Ed Sheeran

8 August 2019

The heart-warming, emotional songs of ginger, guitar-playing Ed Sheeran make it hard to believe that he had been living on the streets prior to his debut album, +, was released. The UK native is able to capture the heartstrings of millions of women with just a simple song. But what really impresses the women? The fact that Sheeran wrote everything himself.
The song most recognized in the United States is ‘The A Team’: a song about a drug addict prostitute. But although the general idea of the song isn’t the happiest, the way that Sheeran sings it is what really brings people in.
For the most part, the album is fairly slow with the most recognizable instrument being Ed’s guitar. The slowest song on the album, ‘Wake Me Up’ is played simply with a few piano chords until the last time the chorus is sung when the guitar and some violins are present. If you enjoy the slower side of the music industry, ‘This’, ‘Sunburn’, ‘Kiss’, and ‘Autumn Leaves’ are the songs for you.
Everyone needs a good cry now and then (not that you won’t be crying when you hear the way Sheeran sings) and this album delivers the perfect song for that with ‘Small Bump’.
Acoustic music doesn’t always have to be slow in the world of Ed Sheeran, though. When you need a pick-me-up, try listening to ‘This City’ or ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’.
With his second single, ‘Lego House’, starting to reach the radios of America, Ed Sheeran is just beginning his fabulous singing career. “I took what held me back with the women/and then I packaged the image/put in some content/sold it back as a gimmick,” he sings in a remix of ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’. Well, whatever you’re doing Ed, keep doing it, because teenage girls around the world are waiting for your sophomore album.

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