Poetic Techniques

4 April 2015
This paper discusses William Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 29’ and Christopher Marlowe’s, ‘The Passionate Shepherd to his Love’ with reference to their similarities and dissimilarities plus other poets.

The paper compares and contrasts the themes, poetic techniques, choices of description and unique individual styles of the following poets and poems: William Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 29’ and Christopher Marlowe’s, ‘The Passionate Shepherd to his Love’, Michael Drayton’s 61 and Sir Philip Sidney’s 20,William Shakespeare’s, Sonnet I and Walter Ralegh’s, A Farewell to False Love,Sir Philip Sidney’s 7 and William Shakespeare’s, Sonnet 18,William Shakespeare’s, Sonnet 55 and William Shakespeare’s, Sonnet 71.

From the paper:

” These two poems share one common theme, the happiness that their love brings them. But these two poems achieve this in very different ways. Marlowe?s poem reads as a love poem. He is addressing his love and telling her how good life will be if she will be his love.

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At the same time he is also telling himself how much he needs her love. Marlowe does this simply by focusing on what life would be like. He focuses on all the pleasures that will come. In the first section he says that they will gather all the pleasures that are offered. He is referring here to how his life is not complete without her love and how everything will be more beautiful and more appreciated if she is there. He describes everything as perfect and calm. Phrases such as ?melodious birds?, ?fragrant posies?, ?pretty lambs? and ?silver dishes? all add to the feeling of contentment”.

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