Poetry Analysis for “Sunshine” by Matisyahu

By Mantissas Many songs use different literary devices to communicate a message out to the audio once. One of those songs is “Sunshine” by Mantissas, which displays symbolism, imagery, figure s of speech, tone, and theme. Others might not enjoy the song because it gives mixed signals. Although that is true, there are much more reasons to why someone would enjoy it. “Sunshine” by Mantissas is a n effective song because the artist uses a potpourri of literary terms to present his meaning to the AU audience.

Mantissas uses symbolism to define the deeper meaning of never giving up in his so Eng. In “Sunshine”, the artist says, uniform my golden sunshine”, which symbolizes the center of happiness in life. The artist is telling someone that they are his golden sunshine which translates t o something such as “you are the light of my life”. The audience is told that there is someone or something out there that keeps him at his peak of happiness and also benefits his eagerness in life. Another sys mambo in this song is the shelter that the artist refers to when he says “I’d be your shelter from the storm”.

This particular line is both a symbol and a metaphor. The artist is the actual “shelter” to which he refers t o, and symbolizes safety and security. He would protect that person from the bad things thrown at the m in life. Although both lyrics are only a small line, they generate a deeper meaning than what is actual y portrayed, which makes this song so great. Imagery is a very creative device that is used in the song. “It’s raining in your mind, so push them clouds aside” is one of the lines that display it. In addition to imagery, this line I s also a form of Drug 2 recertification, because the mind does not actually rain.

This line meaner that the per son Mantissas is referring to is thinking in a negative way, or only of bad things in their life, and what t be doing is forgetting about the negative and focusing on the positive good things the eye should be happy about. “Reach for the sky, keep your eye on the prize”, is both a hyperbole and enders tenement. This line anticipates the type of goal the artist has for himself, and advice he has to others . Keep looking forward or keep your mind set on your goal, because there is never a limit in achieving

In “Sunshine”, there is a variety of figurative language that is used. “Found the ground beneath my feet gone”, is a form of alliteration and metaphor. The artist is telling the audience e that he lost the steady foundation in his life which kept him sane and practical. One of the other type s of metaphors/ similes are “Time to grow and be a man, want to fly high like Peter Pan”. The artist is s eying that it is time to take responsibility for yourself and learn new things in life because t hey are part of what is needed to become successful and happy.

These types of figurative language are us d in the song to communicate interest and creativity, which is another reason why “Sunshine” is effect vive. Without a tone, songs and poems would not have emotion. The tone of “Sunshine” is confident and faithful, as if no one could give up on anything when listening to this song. The w hole chorus where it says, “Reach for the sky, keep your eye on the prize, forever in my mind be my golden sunshine. It’s raining in your mind, so push them clouds aside, forever by my side, you’re my golden n sunshine” shows how positive the artist is in the song.

He is saying to never give up and always focus o your goal because it can be achieved no matter what. It gives the audience a feeling of confide once because the lyrics are compatible to a form of advice anyone could heed. There is always a certain thing that a song or poem needs, and that is a theme. The t hem is Drug 3 what the main idea of that song/ poem is about. “Sunshine” is about never giving up and reaching for your goals, which is the theme of the song. Just like the tone, the chorus of this song e explains the theme. In verse two, the artist says, “Found the ground beneath my feet gone, no more words

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