Poetry of Peace and Pain

4 April 2015
A look at the writing of poetry as a way of turning pain into peace and hope.

This essay looks at people who have turned trauma and pain into a positive experience. It discusses the work of Mairead Corrigan Maguire who organized peaceful demonstrations in N.Ireland, wrote poetry that inspired millions and through her efforts to develop a “politics of mercy and forgiveness,” won a Nobel Peace prize. The author goes on to discuss the wording of Martin Jordan’s poem The changes in our lives.
From the paper:

Everyone wants peace in his or her everyday live. Sometimes peace is hard to come by for some people. However, Some individuals react to their pain in a positive way. For example, Irish writers Mairead Maguire and Martin Jordan write poetry about peace due the tragedies for the world and in their lives. So, in Misread Maguire’s The Vision of Peace and Martin Jordan’s the changes in our lives the main goal is to remind everyone that there should be peace all over of the world despite all of the pain we encounter.

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