Point of Sale Proposal

1 January 2017

This document will also list the benefits of implementing a new system. In general, it will provide a detailed analysis of all the major aspects of the business and will specify the current situation of the business. The  furniture shop deals in wooden furniture, it gets its raw materials from the suppliers for furniture design. Customers may place an order for customized furniture or buy the one available in the shop in its raw state. A customer can choose to have their furniture painted in three different colours, i. e. Mahogany, oak, and burgundy.

A customer may get their furniture stained and varnished in the shop at an extra cost or he/she may stain and varnish the product themselves. Stains applied to the products are categorized into two type’s stain1 and stain2, both at different prices. A customer may place an order for a product that is not readily available in the shop and the company will have it made and customized according to the customer’s specifications. The company also offers deliveries for the goods purchased at an additional fee, but only if the customer requests that the goods be delivered.

Point of Sale Proposal Essay Example

The current system keeps track and stores all records on paper which is done manually. When a customer buys a product the transaction is captured on paper, an invoice is given to the customer as a proof of payment. When a customer places an order the salesperson will enter the data on an order document and manually calculate the initial amount payable. Then an initial payment receipt is issued to the customer, this receipt will be presented upon collection of goods. Delivery of goods is available upon request from the customer on an additional fee.

There is a list of all products sold in the shop each with a unique product code, product description, size (dimensions), prices when raw, with stain1 or stain2. Basically it is a file processing system in use. All data is manually kept on paper and stored in filing cabinets. This makes it vulnerable to data loss. The system cannot effectively store all the important data of the company. When a mistake is made by the user, it is difficult to trace which user made the error. Data processing takes a very long time as compared to having an electronic system.

The main purpose of this project is to develop and implement a more time efficient system, cost effective system (no longer buying materials like paper and pens for record keeping) and an information system to keep track and store all important records. A point of sale system will be developed and implemented to this effect. Benefits * Save time by computerising every record keeping activity and providing automated calculations. * Make the transaction process less tedious. * It will be much easier to keep track of all customer orders.

Loss of information would be reduced exponentially. Information retrieval will be much easier and faster. * Cost reduction. * All products/furniture will have a record in the system according to its specific product code. This will make it easier to track information about a specific product.

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