1 January 2020

“Our music is mentally hip-hop, smoothed out on the R&B tip with a pop feel appeal to it.” Ask any member of Bell Biv DeVoe to describe their music and that’s what they will tell you. When the Boston band New Edition temporarily went their separate ways to work on side projects, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivens, and Ronnie DeVoe created Bell Biv DeVoe or BBD for short. They released their album,”Poison,” last year. Their first single, which is also called “Poison,” gained instant popularity and many fans. Shortly after, they released their second single,”Do Me,” which was an even bigger hit. Their third single, “BBD (I Thought It Was Me),” is currently on the charts and doing quite well. Bell Biv DeVoe mixes rap, singing, and a whole lot of funky dance music together and the results are terrific. “Poison” is full of potential hits. The album begins with a catchy tune called “Dope” and is followed by a bunch of cool songs including a dedication to all the New Edition guys called “Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, and Johnny (Word To The Mutha),” a rap called “Ain’t Nut’in Changed,” a ballad “When Will I See You Smile Again?” and an extended club version of “Poison” which is great. What do Ronnie, Mike, and Ricky have planned for the future? Well, they are planning another album with New Edition soon, but, for now, I think they are pretty happy and content with the success of “Poison.” Anyone who hasn’t heard this album should really check it out. It’s excellent! Keep up the great work – Ronnie, Mike, and Ricky! n

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