Pol 201

8 August 2016

The impacts of globalization on the coffee farmers in Guatemala can be positive but they can also be negative. Positive and negative impacts are mainly based off of how much other countries are buying. Buying their coffee greatly impacts purchases of proper farming supplies and the ability to be able to purchase food to feed there families. Originally globalization has a terrible impact on the coffee farmers in Guatemala, now globalization is good for the farmers and is helping because they are continuously moving product.

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When you purchase a cup of coffee from Starbucks you are helping the farmers in Guatemala depending on where and who the coffee was bought from. If the coffee was bought from a small farmer then the famer would see all of the profit but if the coffee was bought from somewhere else in Guatemala the famers only receive a small percentage of the profit.

Also the more coffee that is bought the more of a demand there is to buy, this benefits the farmers because more coffee will be bought from them. Buying a cup of coffee relates to globalization due to the fact it brings the potential for economic growth. If we continue to buy Starbucks and the demand goes up we are helping smaller countries with there economic growth, more mass producing of coffee and the potential for expansion of there field to produce more product.

After reading what is in the book and viewing the video I don’t think it will change my consumption, personally I love Starbucks and I drink it everyday sometimes more than once a day so not sure how much more I can help. I know Starbucks is a vast growing company so there supply and demand goes up daily. Honestly I think I am drinking to much Starbucks and was debating on cutting back before I read this but maybe I will maintain what I am consuming, so I guess in a way yes it might have impacted my consumption slightly.

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