5 May 2019

“You ready to go” asks my wrestling coach. I think do I have everything am I ready for this? I had never been out of the country before but here I go, in 8th grade and traveling to Poland to compete on the international level. I made the world team at 116lbs. and a it’s a week before and I still weigh 123lbs. How can I make weight? We finally arrive in Poland after what seems days on the plane and we start the 3 hour car ride to our competition site. Its three team mates and myself, alone with our polish driver. He doesn’t even speak English. We stop many times with the other van nowhere in sight one of the wrestlers starts getting worried were in trouble but we calm him down and tell him there’s nothing to worry about. After an hour we finally arrive at our hotel.

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They give us a skeleton key for our room. “What’s that for haha?”, “such a nice hotel right guys?” just a few comments made about our hotel.

The day of weigh inns comes and I’ve cut all 7lbs to make weight. Although this week hasn’t been easy I have been adapting to life in Poland like warm milk not understanding anyone and no one understanding me. But there’s no time for worrying I need to compete. The tournament is going well and I make the finals for the next day. After getting back to our hotel I’m walking back to my room when I’m grabbed by four polish boys who are trying to get me into their room. As they get me in one of my teammates sees and rushes to help me after yelling for more help the rest of my team is there getting me free, one kid goes for our coach. After hours of dealing with authorities I can finally go to bed I have to wrestle tomorrow. I get a few hours of sleep and have to start getting ready for my match. Tired, in culture shock, and having a rough night I walk out onto the mat and the match begins. Three minutes and 27 seconds later. My hand is raised I won both periods and didn’t give up a point the entire tournament.

It was like a dream come true I wrestled on the international level and won. But not only did I win my team also won I couldn’t have been happier I called my dad to let him know how I did and it was right after he got married to my step mom. I could hear all the people at the wedding yelling good job to me, and I couldn’t wait to get home to show off my awards.

To many people this story is amazing and they love hearing it. I chose to tell this one because I feel it really shows a lot about me like I’m dedicated to what I do, or that I don’t back down from challenges I find a way to do them, I don’t crumble under pressure or diversity, And even in hard times and new experiences I can make the best of it.

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