Police and National Crime Information

Then list and discuss two powerful trends In England and America that brought about changes In policing In both countries. First, the colonists committed themselves to local polling. Second, the colonists reinforced that commitment by creating a theory of government called republicanism.

Finally, the colonial period witnessed the onset of the theory of crime prevention. Two powerful trends in England and America brought great changes in arbitration, and the second was industrialization. 2. List and describe major characteristics of the three eras of policing. The three eras are: The political era, the reform era, and the community era.The political era was between 1840 and 1930 in which police had close ties with politicians, and there was an emphasis on making politicians happy. The reform era was from 1930-1970 it began the professional crime fighting, and police focused more on arrests.

The community problem-solving era started 1970- to current, it started a partnership between police and communities.

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Police and National Crime Information
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3. Describe August Volume’s contributions to policing. August Volume introduced several innovative achievements in the area of police revisionism’s such as a code of ethics, and the requirement for higher education and specialized training, among others. . Discuss how Peels “principles” of policing are relevant to today’s police practices. These nine principles are also called “The Peeling Principles.

” They are in direct connection to modern policing, but the nine principles are cited as the basic foundation for current law enforcement organizations and community policing throughout the world. 5. Explain the 1829 “Metropolitan Police Act,” and what it provided to the history of policing. England’s Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 resulted in a new police force and law enforcement practices that were revolutionary in the history of law enforcement.Peel drafted and introduced the Police Act in response to serious crime problems and social disorder in London in the early sass, and in doing so, he had to delicately balance the strong historical sense of English personal liberty with the need to prevent crime and enforce the criminal laws. Peels Principles, had an important historic effect on policing in America and, community policing as it was conceived ND as we know it today. 6.

Explain the contributions that were made to professional policing by William Parker. Parker molded an image of a tough, competent, polite, and effective crime fighter by controlling recruitment.During the sass, this image made the LAP the model for reform across the nation, thus marking the sass as a turning point in the history of professionalism. Commission. The President’s Crime Commission was charged by President Lyndon Johnson to find solutions to America’s internal crime problems, including the root causes of crime, he workings of the Justice system, and the hostile, antagonistic relations between the police and civilians. 8. Examine how the struggle for civil rights affected the police-community relationship.

The civil rights movement during the late sass and sass, pitted the nation’s police against many of its college-age youths and minority groups. 9. Describe the functions of the law enforcement agencies contained within the U. S. Department of Justice. The agencies contained in the U. S.

Department of Justice are: The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, which there modern priorities are: 1. Counterterrorism: to neutralize terrorist cells and operatives in the United States and to help dismantle terrorist networks worldwide. 2. Counterintelligence: exposing, preventing, and investigating intelligence activities on U.S. Soil; foreign espionage strikes at the heart of national security, impacting political, military, and economic strengths. 3.

CybercafΓ©: to stop serious computer intrusions and the spread of malicious codes; to identify and thwart online sexual predators who meet and exploit children and deal in child pornography; and to dismantle criminal enterprises engaging in Internet fraud. This is only a brief description of the duties of the FBI which also consists of investigating bank robberies, white-collar crimes, and organized crime and drug syndicates.The TAFT (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) administers the U. S. Criminal Code provisions concerning alcohol and tobacco smuggling and diversion. The TAFT is also responsible for enforcing all federal laws relating to firearms, explosives, and arson. 10.

What are the agencies contained with the Department of Homeland Security, including their roles and functions? 1 . The Directorate for National Protection and Programs consists of five divisions and works to advance Dash’s disk-reduction mission. 2.The Science and Technology Directorate is the primary research and development ar of the department. 3. The office of Health Affairs coordinates all DISH medical activities to ensure appropriate preparation for and response to incidents having medical significance. 4.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency Directorate prepares the nation for hazards, administers the National Flood Insurance Program. 5. U. S. Customs and Border Protection is one of the largest federal law enforcement agencies. 1 . What is INTERPOL and how does it function?INTERPOL is the oldest, the best-known, and the only international crime-fighting organization for crimes committed on an international scale, such as drug trafficking, bank fraud, money laundering, and counterfeiting.

12. Discuss the Uniform Crime Reports-?its methods of collecting data, purpose, and shortcomings. One of the Bi’s several annual publications is the Uniform Crime Reports, which includes crime data reported from more than fifteen thousand state and local police agencies concerning twenty-nine type of offenses. Several shortcomings characterize the CUR data.First, the data are dependent on crimes being reported to, and by, the police; many crime victims do not report their factorization to the police, so there is the so-called shadow of crime, or those crimes that are hidden and unknown. Furthermore, the reporting system is not uniform, so crimes may be reported incorrectly or inaccurately. In addition, the I-JAR operates under the hierarchy rule, which means that when a number of separate crimes are committed as part of a single act, only the most serious crimes will be reported to the FBI.

13. What is the role of the National Crime Information Center (NCSC)?Discuss its purpose and application by law enforcement agencies. The FBI also operates the National Crime Information Center, through which millions of records relating to stolen property and missing persons and fugitives are instantaneously available to local, state, and federal authorities across the U. S. And Canada. 14. This chapter described two “other” federal law enforcement agencies-?the CIA and IRS.

How would you describe their major roles and functions? The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) engages in research and development and ploys high technology for intelligence purposes.After the 2001 terrorist attacks in the U. S. , the CIA created special centers to address such issues as counterterrorism, counterintelligence, international organized crime and narcotics trafficking, and arms control intelligence. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has as its main function the monitoring and collection of federal income taxes from American individuals and businesses. 15. Describe the primary functions and organization of state law enforcement State police organizations perform general law enforcement functions and are engaged in patrol, traffic control, crash investigation, and related functions.

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