Police Racism

4 April 2015
Nature, examples (Rodney King beating) & effects of institutionalized racist attitudes & behavior in law enforcement in U.S.

Several incidents in Los Angeles have raised the issue once more of racism in the police departments of the nation. The beating of Rodney King by several Los Angeles police officers, the two trials that followed, the riots that occurred between the trials, and the O.J. Simpson case have all raised the issue of racism and placed it in the forefront of public consciousness. An analysis of these events and other information from different police departments shows that there is racism in law enforcement in this country, that weeding out racist officers has not been given the priority it should have, and that the instruments used to weed out overly aggressive and racist police have not been effective.

Police Racism Essay Example

Many Americans simply believe that racism is a thing of the past and that the integrated police departments are not bastions…

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