6 June 2017

In my opinion, I think that the United States should base its policies off of what is best for its own citizens. We can’t afford to focus on the well-being of other countries because we aren’t in the best condition either. We have things like homelessness, the recession, world-wide hunger, and other burdens to take care of in our own country. The United States is already trillions of dollars in debt and struggling trying to come up for air.

I think that we should take care of our own first before we try to take care f other affairs in different countries other than our own. As of now, we still have a high number of unemployed people in the United States and this causes then to have to receive unemployment which puts the government farther into debt. Plus, jobs are steadily closing down so there’s really now security if you are working because it can vanish in the blink of an eye.

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The money to pay this unemployment has to come from somewhere, so the government has to go deeper into debt by borrowing in order to pay this money to its own citizens.

Unless, we can get this ountry back on track we shouldn’t even think about trying to help out another country because I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot they would help their country out first as well. No matter what state you live in or go to you will always see homeless people and people that are hungry. Even some of the ones that have Jobs still live in poverty. They either don’t have the education to qualify them for a better job or they have the education and still can’t get a Job in their field which makes them have to settle for what they can get Just to make ends meet.

Instead of trying to feed ids in Africa and different places, we need to take that money and food and feed the starving people we have in our own country. At least, this would keep everything right here and if we do go into a little debt we can look around and see it was for a good cause because our people benefited from it. Then, there’s the government shutdown that took place over something as simple as a healthcare plan al because one party didn’t want to break. That was very ignorant when some people don’t know where their next dollar will come from and they are complaining over a healthcare bill.

A lot f people went weeks without getting a pay check during this time and didn’t know exactly when they would get paid. Senior citizens were a nervous wreck because they didn’t know if they would receive their Social Security benefits because of the shutdown. Why would you scare your citizens like this all because of stubbornness? It seems like every year things are going more and more downhill for the United States, so I stand firm on my answer and say no I think that we should take care of our own and let those other countries take care of their own as well. Policies By Sakinal-Christion

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