Political Climate

12 December 2017

People were ginning to notice similarities between Onion’s policies of engagement and strategies used during the Cold War, and the aftermath of the Watergate scandal led many American’s to doubt the role of their government and Its power. In 1969, Nixon built his presidential campaign on the idea of ending the Vietnam War. Early in his administration, the president outlined a foreign policy based on a “low profile” and on reductions In the U. S. Role abroad. Many believe this was the reason for Onion’s election.

Fed up with the war In Vietnam, Americans were ready to get our soldiers home.Nixon considered his engagement strategy “peace with honor. ” Onion’s priority was the settlement of the Vietnam crisis while using the “peace with honor” code. Nixon found an ally in Henry Kissing who was the Nation Security Advisor and working together to end the crisis In Vietnam. One strategy was called “Optimization,” a carrot on a stick method, which would to gradually move the troops away and force the South Vietnamese to fight for themselves in order to advance peace talks in Paris.

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(Davidson et al. , 2002 peg 895) The truth of the matter is that Nixon continued with the Vietnam War for nearly four more years.

Onion’s “peace with honor” code or “policy of engagement” was salary to Truman and the Cold War. Truman used the treat of nuclear arms attacks to scare the communist bloc from expanding. When the “peace with honor” code did not work, that is when Nixon took action on an earlier threat by using troops, force, and weapons. Onion’s policy of engagement also differs somewhat from the strategies used by others during the Cold War. Where containment assumed a bipolar world, Onion’s policy of detente saw the world as multi-polar. (Davidson et al. , 2002, p.

907) By the end of March 1973.Many Americans believed the asses were going to be that time of change. Nixon was a professional politician when elected president. Since that did not fare well, there was heightened contempt in professional politics. This created a market for outsiders and non-professionals for the Job of Presidency. Many Americans today still crave for the Eisenhower or Kennedy era, but not since then has there been that kind of support for an elected president. Only when special interests groups stay out of politics or presidents remember they are leading by example will that return.

Lets all hope that day will be sooner rather then later.

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