Political Socialization

11 November 2016

I have not been very familiar with politics until I started taking this class. My mother is a democrat and father is a republican. I am a republican as well. I can remember my mom and dad arguing about who to vote for president. My dad has the most political influence on me. My mother and I rarely discuss anything that has to do with politics. As for my friends and other family members, never do we discuss politics. My father has always taught not to rely on someone else.

If you want to get something done, you must do it yourself. I consider him to very conservative. We haven’t discussed politics in quite a while though. He occasionally says something to me about the candidates now when we see something on television covering it. He made it clear to me that he doesn’t really care for Clinton or Obama. They haven’t really impressed him at all. When Bush was running against Kerry, I remember asking him why are you voting for Bush? He gave me a simple answer and said, “What the hell is this John Kerry going to do”?

People complain about the war with Bush, and how it is such an awful thing, but what if Kerry was president. It is hard to tell what would be happening. That is what he said to me about the situation. I don’t have much political socialization. I have never been around politics that much, until now. I vote of course, and I know the person I’m going to vote for and what he or she stands for, but that is pretty much it. I’m not quite sure, but if I had to say, the majority of my whole family, that including all of my relatives are probably republican.

I believe I have been missing out on politics for quite some time now. I find it very interesting now, and I do care to learn about it. After I have completed this course, I will have gained a lot more knowledge on the subject of politics. Since there is no one in my family that ever talks about it, maybe I can be the one to start talking about it. I think maybe the reason my parents seldom discussed it with me was because they probably thought I really didn’t give a shit. I’m going to let them know now, that I do care, and would enjoy hearing what they have to say about it all.

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