Society today has presidents that are more worried about their Image and popularity and back then it was all about the right technique of persuasion. Some ways to persuade the state was to give them pep talks and say that “Change was good” Persuading has become a little more difficult because people had heard it all. People are just sick of the world now and history really does repeat itself. Everyone is listening to all the persuasive language that is being said from politicians and presidents, especially when campaign season comes around.

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Presidents today should stop worrying about their image and persuade the public in a good way and to to Just get the most popular vote. The reason why people decide to vote for someone else is because one president would be bringing something new to the table. He would be saying something that catches the audiences attention. Everyone learns something new every day and it makes you buy a certain item. For an example people find out that “toothpaste Is now made with an additional drop of retest”. (Barker, 2002:31 ) The new information can give the person more motivation to buy the product and in the case of politics, vote. Barker ,2002:31) Like everything in life, in campaign there are two sides, a pro and a con. This meaner who Is for or against the idea that was brought up. Then to break it down even more there are a Hard-pro, Easy-pro, Hard-con, and Easy-con. Con arguments are more persuasive than pro arguments because people think more strongly about something you are trying to prevent. They have more back on and evidence and prove to the audience that they are here to help them and society today persuades people on how to live or think their lives.

A lot of people get very Impressed and persuaded to do things when you sound like you know what you are doing. Franklin D. Roosevelt was known as the best radio voices ever in that time period. People would say they do not need to see him they Just need

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to hear his voice on the radio and he had the best radio voice. That just proves that people were listening to him but his voice attracted them the most and made them persuaded that everything was going to be k. “The power to persuade Is most Important of the modern presidency.

The president can focus public attention on his policy priorities and can sometimes increase popular support for specific policy proposals. ” (Bailey,2003:49) Politicians today have a main goal or persuading because Obama convinced us that “change was good”. In my eyes I see change but not positive change. Our economy is at an all- time low and I do not see anything getting better in the world with gun-shootings and security. We have all of these movies out there that show people how to be sneaky and beat the law enforcement system.

I think the government is corrupt and there are a lot of things we do now know that is going on in the world. “Persuasion pervades politics. Politicians persuade constituents to support one policy option over another. ” (Cob, sulking. 997:88) This is mainly in affect during a campaign or a trial; this goes back too pro and con side. Persuading Is all about which side gives better proof and detail. Presidents today give a lot of proof and then once they get the “throne” they either do the total opposite of what they said they were going to do or do nothing.

Being the President of the United States is a very stressful Job but why Obama persuaded mainly my generation to vote for him, everyone I asked voted for Obama, and if you go back and ask every one of them now why they voted for him they could not tell you one reason why. All they can remember his him saying “change”. Because that was the one speech that everyone remembered. That was the one speech that persuaded everyone to vote for him because he said this country needed change to help.

So what exactly is he doing? “In order to achieve his goals, the president needs to persuade Congress to support his preferences. ” (Bond, 1994:291) So the president could have all of these great ideas to help our country become better but congress can be holding us back. How do we know that though? The people of this country Just think it is the president not holding his word, which can ruin his popularity. If the president is more popular with the public then it is shown that he gets more votes and he wins.

Public opinion is very important because if the president says or does something that makes most of the country have a different opinion on him it can change the outlook of this country and that could be a bad thing or a good thing. Popularity does not make a presidency one hundred percent his, but it is a good factor to find him in being successful to become the president. Presidents can be persuading the audience but mainly the evidence that they are sharing are all facts that people Just do not know about. Persuading is all around us in this world.

You persuade everyone around you to get what you want to do what you want them to do, or to try a certain food that that would not try in a million years. I agree with all of these points because that is why our country is the way it is today because everyone gets lied to and they also get persuaded by all the wrong information. But you never know because people sometimes persuade you with the right information and the other candidate can say that you are lying. It is like in the movie “The campaign” They change his whole family hey take away his dogs to make him look like “the perfect American family’.

And then in the end of the movie everyone like him for whom he really is and he continues on with his original life before the governed and the campaign started to mess up his real life. Presidents say change will help and that he will help us get out of the slump we are in. Today I think we are more corrupt then we were a couple years ago. There are shootings everywhere and people cannot go out anywhere without feeling like someone is going to rob you or kill you. We have so many laws in this country and meow people find it k to go out and scare others with a weapon.

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