When I was a senior in high school, all seniors were to do a senior project. That consisted of choosing a topic and doing volunteer work that has to do with your topic. So I chose The American Red Cross. I was going to be going to a blood drive for my volunteer work. I was a very nervous person and pretty shy. I had to drive 45 minutes to the Red Cross center. Once I got there, the lady brought me to my station and showed me what I would be doing throughout the day. I was told to cross the donors names off the list once they donated and to serve them snacks and drinks after they ere finished.

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She then left me alone and went off to her office. I started to feel like had to poop when realized I had no Idea where the restrooms were. I was too scared to leave my Job and go find a restroom so I Just SST! Rated farting and hoping the pains would go away. Then finally I knew If I farted one more time that salt would pour out Instead of a fart. After clenching the cheeks for a while, I couldn’t hold It anymore so I decided to tart and hope for the best. BAM, warm oozing sit slowly comes out of my ass. I was wearing tight Shares and knew It would show through.

As soon as that happened, that lady came back in to check on me along with a few other people that she was introducing me to. It smelled like nasty poop in that room. I can tell they smelled it and they most likely knew it was me that stunk. I tried to keep my back against the wall so they didn’t see the poop spot on my butt. As they were talking to me, more sit kept coming out and there was no way to stop it. Of course a donor then wanted a snack so I HAD to go serve him one. They left the room not long afterthat and I could hear them whispering to each other.

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Most likely about what they had just witnessed. Not too much! H longer the lady came back in and said I was able to go and w! As done for the day. I was so happy and as I walkedout I saw there was a restroom right down the hall. I went right in there and looked at the damage I did. There was liquid poop in my panties and my Shares. I took off my panties and threw them in the trash can, cleaned up my Shares and hurried to the car. The whole way home I was relieved to be free but also embarrassed knowing I still have to go back there another day to volunteer again.

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