Pop Culture and Society Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Popular civilization. or popular civilization is by dictionary defined as “cultural activities or commercial merchandises reflecting. suited to. or aimed at the gustatory sensations of the general multitudes of people” . The term “popular culture” came into being in the nineteenth century or earlier. Traditionally. the term has meant the instruction and general cultural consciousness of the lower categories. as opposed to the “official culture” . The emphasis in the differentiation from “official culture” became more marked towards the terminal of the nineteenth century. a use that became established by the Interwar period. Since the terminal of World War II. following major cultural and societal alterations brought by mass media inventions. the significance of popular civilization started to worsen with those of mass. media. image. consumer civilization. and civilization for mass ingestion. A innovator in this motion were societal and cultural alterations in the United States of America. The brief signifier “pop” for popular. as in dad music. day of the months from the late fiftiess. ( Betts 2004: 14-27 )

Sociologists consider civilization as the formation of traditions and tendencies that link worlds in a common group. Therefore. human civilization existed even in prehistoric societies ; nevertheless. those prehistoric societies’ tradition and humanistic disciplines are by and large considered as folk art and folkways. Popular civilization requires that the multitudes should be practising and devouring it. thereby doing it popular. ( Weaver 2009: 12 ) The Western world’s foremost normally recognized pop civilization creative person was likely William Shakespeare. His theatre dramas are dateless classics. but he wrote them for a mass audience. thanks to which he fulfilled dad culture’s demand of art. which is meant to be enjoyed by the multitudes. Shakespeare’s art bridged the spread between popular and all right art in the sixteenth century England – and it is still considered the finest literature of all time produced in English. Several of his dramas were set in other European states than England. which exposed the common Englishman to traditions of different categories and civilizations. potentially act uponing those of England. ( Weaver 2009: 14-15 ) Furthermore. popular civilization did non necessitate telecasting. wireless or the Internet to go planetary.

Pop Culture and Society Essay Sample Essay Example

When the first adventurers took to the seas or traveled overland paths to distant topographic points. they were influenced by illustrations of other cultures’ popular art. and returned with points connected with local popular civilization. such as imbibing java. If that had non happened. a celebrated java store Starbucks would be stuck seeking to sell cups of hot milk. The multitudes were normally non straight experienced to alien signifiers of popular civilization from different locations. but they were exposed to them over clip. At the same clip perceptual experience of what is pop civilization and what is non depended of nationality. For case – while Kabuki Theater was accessible to all categories of Nipponese people. Europe’s aristocrats ab initio regarded it as high art. ( Weaver 2009: 17-19 ) What is more. clip and resources of people were really important factors in making what is called a dad civilization. Even though many 19th-century industrial labourers worked long hours. they had clip to pleasure themselves with a spot of civilization.

Thankss to start civilization they had manage to make life which had more sense than merely survival. They enjoyed amusement locales and engage in avocations. trades and diversion outside their work lives. The concentration of people in urban countries. attracted by occupations in the mills. besides gave rise to more and different sorts of popular art signifiers. such as carnivals. theatrical dramas. concerts which brought more possible audiences. ( Weaver 2009: 20 ) Furthermore. pop civilization meant many different things for each decennary. It could be tight rolled denims. tamagotchi. loose jerseies. disco. new waves boots. blame. difficult stone. the Rolling Stones. The Beatles. Brittany Spears. ‘NSYNC. or Who Wants to be a Millionaire. These are merely a few of the different social tendencies. telecasting shows and music esthesiss sing different dad civilization subjects that have changed over the old ages. Many of these tendencies tended to come and travel. yet all were considered as a pop civilization. There were and still are. different vesture manners. music penchants and telecasting shows that people considered to be the pop civilization of their clip. A batch of the things that were popular in the past are now fads that have come and gone. and the things that are considered pop civilization today will likely make the same. ( Weaver 2009: 22-23 )

Technology besides created new sorts of humanistic disciplines and points and made them available to everyone. non merely the affluent elite. Obvious illustrations that changed society significantly plenty to change the class of history are wireless. telecasting. gesture images. amplified music. computing machines and the Internet. Technology late erected another important milestone in the pop civilization timeline—the development of tech-based societal networking. Other technological progresss resulted in such diverse things as silk-screen printing ( Express your sentiment on your Jersey! ) . bowling alleys’ automatic pinsetters. and Wii. ( Weaver 2009:24 ) In add-on to bring forthing societal norms. popular civilization besides helps us set up societal boundaries. The music we listen to. together with the telecasting we watch and the apparels we wear non merely helps to determine our characters. but besides helps us find those people more similar to ourselves.

Because we can indicate what sort of music do we wish and which we do non. it allows us to happen others who prefer similar things that we do. ( Betts 2004: 30-32 ) People who listen to Iron Maiden likely do non hold much in common with those people who listen to Justin Bieber. Pop civilization gives us an chance to happen people really similar to us. Possibly the easiest facet of popular civilization to detect is the rites that it creates. Adolescents are connected through dance nines. college pupils come together to watch favorite Television series. amusing book fans wait in line hours to see a new film. All these rites produce a felling that we belong at that place. adhering us with members of society over a common involvement. The ace bowl for illustration is a multibillion dollar matter because of the fact that 1000000s of people from all demographics will sit down and watch the game for three hours. Traveling to a concert gives you a since of societal solidarity. singing along to a vocal in unison with fifteen-thousand other people creates near societal bonds. even if you barely know anyone else at the concert.

They portion a sense of intending in their individuality ; this shared significance is the footing of group solidarity. ( Betts 2004: 34 ) Arguably the most of import map that popular civilization serves in our society is that it creates the chance to societal alteration. This can be seen all the manner back to 1906 when Upton Sinclair’s book The Jungle helped take to a revolution of the nutrient industry in America. Nowadays we can obseve this clearly most late with the sudden engagement of famous persons in the 2008 presidential election. chiefly in Barack Obama’s run. Robert DeNiro. Oprah Winfrey. Usher. Chris Rock. Scarlett Johansson. Ron Howard. Magic Johnson. and John Mayer are merely a few of the most recognizable people. who are linked with Obama.

It is no surprise that Obama won the 2008 presidential election in a landslide. Companies have long known the consequence that famous persons have on America and have used them to force merchandises. We are seeing this once more with the engagement of such famous persons as Lady Gaga in the Gay Rights motion. ( Betts 2004: 35-36 ) To sum up. it is clear that popular civilization serves many maps in society. many of which are shared by offense. These maps include bring forthing societal norms. set uping societal boundaries. making rites that generate societal solidarity. bring forthing invention. and paving the manner for societal alteration. We can non merely push dad civilization off to the side as low-brow civilization and has no significance.


Weaver. John A. ( 2009 ) Popular Culture Primer: Revised Edition. Routledge Betts. Raymond F. ( 2004 ) A History of Popular Culture: More of Everything. Faster. and Brighter. Peter Lang

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