Popular Singles by 5 Seconds of Summer

10 October 2019

There might come a day where I am not enthralled with boys who play instruments, or boys who have accents, or the wicked combination of the two. As proven by band 5 Seconds of Summer, today is not that day.
Yes, another band is soon to fill your radio stations, and they’re coming all the way from the down under of Australia. Originally comprised of vocals and guitarist Luke Hemmings, followed by bassist Calum Hood, guitarist Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin on drums, 5SOS is currently the band to watch for. They aim for a punk sound (think Blink182 or All Time Low), but always manage to add a hint of pop music in. I could bore you with my opinions of their amazing YouTube covers or adorable 36 second Keek videos, but instead let’s review their 4 major singles that really sum up this band’s sound.
The one you might have heard, or will probably begin to hear soon, is titled Try Hard. It’s also the one I‘ve been singing everywhere and anywhere, because this song is catchy as hell. An up tempo that brings you to your feet, Try Hard is my favorite. Not to mention their faces in the video are just, well, hysterically funny…sorry guys. The bridge that is taken by Luke is one that slows up the song, but not too much that it throws off your game.”But now who knew? She’s in the crowd at my show/ nothing to lose; she’s standing right in the front row.” Pro-Tip: you can dramatically lip-synch this part with your friends! Or you could get like me and sing it to your mirror. There is no shame, only stardom. This song is great instrumentally, and the lyrics are adorable. Go buy it on iTunes now!
While it’s hard to imagine any of these boys pining after a girl they can’t get, that’s the general gist of the song Outta My Limit. Basically, she’s hot, they’re not, and life just isn’t fair when she is so out of your league. Fear not, because this song does manage to be quite a tune. It does waver a bit from their punk-pop mantra, but it still sticks to that fun and upbeat area. Although, I assume it sounds better to Aussie ears. What the hell is a servo? What do you want a taste of? ? of you are only 17! You better be tasting hugs and rainbows, that’s for sure.
Persistence is key, and that is the moral of the song Heartbreak Girl. I think…or that you must be freaking insane to friendzone 5SOS! This song is popular among newcomers, and as one 5SOS twitter account said oh so eloquently “I haven’t listened to Heartbreak Girl in 37 years”. This is exaggerated, but the message rings true. While it’s a good introduction to the band’s general sound and the direction they’re headed, it’s not their best. A fantastic beat ripped with lackluster lyrics. “When the phone call finally ends, you say I’ll call you tomorrow at 10.” It’s simply not a distinctive soundtrack for this band. However, I am a sixteen year old girl living in USA, what do I know? Plus, the video recently hit 3 million views. Go check it out yourself before you trust my judgments.
If you mention Beside You to any dedicated member of the #5SOSFamily, you can expect three distinct reactions. Extreme fangirling and tears, bursting into the chorus unexpectedly, or someone screaming “I wish I was, I wish I was INSIDE LUKE!”. While it’s a bit vulgar, it is the song that most fans feel personally connected to. Of their most popular songs, it’s definitely the slowest on our list. A story of lovers torn apart, they both fall asleep underneath the same sky (Crowd: awwwww!). Also famously linked to the acoustic Boston show, this slow based song is not one to miss. It is strong musically, and perhaps the best lyrically. And vocally? You can hear the freaking accents! How great is it when you can hear the freaking accents! Sorry…I digress. Loose harmonies, impressive guitar skills, a drum beat that keeps it close to the classic 5 Seconds of Summer vibe. A slow jam, it’s another fantastic lip singing opportunity. Yeah…I’ll just let myself out…
Anyway there you go! 5 Seconds of Summer’s 4 biggest hits. If you have more than 5 seconds (ha, tell me I’m funny) than I encourage you to check out their covers! The earlier ones will include solely Luke, but more recent uploads can get you all the band together! And the best part of the covers?

The freaking accents, man.

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