Popularity of Reality Tv

5 May 2017

Popularity of Reality Shows Cause and effect essay Television tends to influence people’s life more than they actually think. Some television shows appear to be “real” such as soap operas and daytime dramas, altering the viewers’ perception of reality by making them blend in fantasy and fiction, but one kind of show has taken over the public attention in the past decade, the reality shows. Reality television is overtaking the networks and polluting the viewers’ minds with distorted pictures of reality, leaving behind an even bigger effect than that of regular television.

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Popularity of Reality Tv
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The participants of a reality show acquire fame, become cover of magazines and immediately are stereotyped by the audience. They are taken to random places and have to act according to a script and also use some of their own attitudes to make the show as much entertainable as possible. The problem is that a lot of those attitudes seen on those shows are not to be considered ethical or set as examples. Reality television causes its viewers a strong influence on their behavior and how they interact with others, people tend to see the TV stars as ole models and end up acting like them.

This mix of reality with fiction also causes the audience certain anxiety to always know what is going to happen in the next episode and keep people watching. Although reality television could be harmful to the public health ,based on this mental pollution and distortion of reality that it is caused, many reality shows can also be good for the viewers such as The Biggest Loser, The Apprentice or Big Brother, which gives the audience motivation, strategy skills, knowledge about some subject, etc.

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