Population Stabilization

4 April 2015
This essay addresses the issue of population stabilization as a matter of policy in the United States.

This essay addresses the overwhelming effects of population growth as a direct result of globalization. As possible solutions, better family planning and national health care programs are suggested. Issues such as education, sex, and race are taken into consideration.

“In an increasingly expanding global community, one subject above all others, must be addressed in order to secure the progression of the human race as a whole. Population stabilization, although not an immediate concern in the United States, is nonetheless a major threat to our world. Statistics project that the global population will increase at about a quarter of a million people each day for the next twenty years and henceforth one can easily assess the urgency of the situation. The most effective means through which stabilization can be achieved is through the implementation of national strategies geared towards family planning and health care programs.”

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