Populist Party

1 January 2018

In turn, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina also got a force from this party. They had many goals kept in mind.

One of them was to demand the federal government to control and increase the supply of money through the free coinage Of silver: The idea being increase in prices farmers were receiving for their crops as well as reduce in debt. They also wanted a federal income tax put on the wealthy. Also, they wanted to eliminate the railroad factors and cargo rates in politics by advertising the government ownership of railroads.They also argued the idea of secret ballots and direct election of US senators. Overall, it wanted the government to have a greater amount of control in retain areas, a shift of taxes to the wealthy, laws that would help the farmers and more direct forms of democracy. One of the most unique ways the populists attempted to achieve their goals is via newspapers and other publications, in the form of cartoons. The populists connected themselves as desirable organizations, whereas they made other parties, ‘their competitors’ look full of evil.

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Some of the cartoons represented a clear idea for the audience, like “The Seawall Factor’, portraying the heavy baggage of Arthur Seawall, “Free Silver” depicting Uncle Sam being lulled from the destructive waves of gold coinage and many others advertisements that were with the Populist Party. “But in the early 20th century, many of the Populist proposals would be enacted into law, including the secret ballot; women’s suffrage; the initiative, referendum, and recall; a Federal Reserve System; farm cooperatives, government warehouses; railroad regulation; and conservation of public lands.The Populists also provided the inspiration for making Prohibition a part of the Constitution; and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), which persuaded millions of auto workers and steel workers to unionize with its call for industrial democracy. Populist rhetoric still plays an important role in modern American politics. Politicians speak the language of populism whenever they defend ordinary people against rooted elites and a government dominated by special interests.During the sass, Franklin Roosevelt hailed “the forgotten man” and railed against “economic royalists” and in 1992 Bill Clinton ran for the presidency by pledging to “put people first. “”(Populism, edited) The Populist’s accomplished the colossal task of challenging the two major arties by taking advantage of the failure of those parties to respond to the voters’ needs.

They made other parties note that such failures could be the opening of new parties in the society. Next, they showed that there is nothing unbiased about a governments policy.There are both positives and negatives found in an action the government takes. They stated that the governmental policy for the Republicans and Democrats helped railroads and wealthy industrialists in the Northeast, but damaged the farmers in the South and Great Plains. Some of the unions formed by the populists were The Farmers Alliance, worked with the Knights of Labor and developed a political agenda. The movement helped shape a series of reform conferences which resulted in the Peoples Party.In 1896 the Democrats presented many of the party’s agenda at the national level.

That was when the party began to fade from existence. “Though the party ultimately failed to achieve many of its other aims, the Populist movement illustrated the impact of industrial expansion on farming and demonstrated how ordinary farmers could form their own unions to better their conditions. Many Populist ideas survived the demise of the event and were enacted into law over the span of the next twenty years.

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