Portrayal of WWII

4 April 2015
Compares the films “The Thin Red Line” and “Enemy at the Gates”.

This paper is an analytical comparison of two films, “The “Thin Red Line” and “Enemy at the Gates” as both accurate portrayals of World War II, viewed from different circumstances, but both showing the horrors of war. The author also examines their common themes such as fear and immense strength and bravery.
“The Thin Red Line and Enemy at the Gates both accurately portrayed World War II; however, they were entirely different in the approach. In The Thin Red Line, the life of a soldier was portrayed in different ways throughout the movie. It showed some men as being nervous, antsy, and sometimes psychotic. It also showed the men who were calm, levelheaded, and who could still make normal decisions under the stress. One thing that all of them had in common was their fear, and eventually strength. Some of the men were born brave; others were forced to be brave.”

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