Positive climate of zoos

6 June 2017

Zoos provide more for animal’s Many people that have physically seen zoos assume that the animal’s freedoms have been taken away from them, that their life is dull and has no purpose In life, well they are wrong. Animals taken out ot the wild and placed in zoos are protected from diseases. They have food given to them dally, and lastly are protected from other carnivores or dangers in the environment. Due to these statements, in my opinion zoos are a better home for animals compared to the wild.

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Positive climate of zoos
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In the wilderness animals Just like humans, encounter diseases, to better protect ur selfs we use needles and medicine. unfortunately animals do not have this luxury and therefore end up dying. During their time phase in a zoo, if animals are fortuned to get sick, there are needles and medicine to help these animals recover. And have a way better chance of surviving compared to the wilderness. More caution is then given to the animal that is sick until better. The wilderness there is no safety.

Once sick, depending on the sickness, it will slow the animal down or cause the animal to have a disadvantage in the wilderness that give other animals the opportunity to kill them If being hunted. The animal Is likely to lose its appetite and can also end up dying of starvation, animals do not know what’s best for them once sick, and end up hurting their health even more. In zoos the trainers know what’s best for the animal, and therefore are only given the essential items to help them recover quicker. oos provide a longer life span due to the fact that medlclne and help Is provided In the zoo once sick compared to the wilderness. Animal’s out in the wild need to eat, but disaster can occur and can affect their chance of finding food. Forests fires can wipe out homes for animals and also kill all he plants and grass for the animals that are herbivores. Their chance of survival Is greatly decreased due to the fact that the grass and leafs are gone, this will lead the death of the animal because of starvation or the animal will need to leave its home area to find food.

No one wants to leave their home, because that means stepping into a territory which you know nothing about. For animals like carnivores the forest fire can affect them Just as greatly even though they dont need plants to survive. Since the herbivores have moved to a new territory the carnivores will not have nough supply of food. Their game has left the territory and the carnivores are left with nothing. In zoos no disaster can affect the animals.

The animal’s size and amount of calories they burn daily will change the outcome of food they get daily. so basically enough to survive. The animals are given more food in zoos then compared to the wilderness. Finally animals outside of the zoo are not protected by anything Running into a predator is likely in the wilderness. The predator can be from anything to another animal or a man trying to catch some game so he can feed his family. Zoos are caged tOf2 onitored so that humans can affect the animals or hurt them in any way. Well in Canada) because of this animals have longer life spans and have no fear of running into a large carnivorous creature out in the wild. Due to these three given facts, animals have shown that they will tend to have longer life spans compared to the wild, because they are protected from the wild diseases, they have food given to them daily, and finally are protected from other carnivores or dangerous threats that the wild has to offer, that’s why in my opinion zoos are safer and provide a better life style quality compared to the wild.

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